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"Loving You in the Meantime"

By Peggy Byland,
"Out of Mouths... From the Heart"

It was a love note stuck in his Bible.  He discovered it one morning as he read his devotions.  She had been gone some time by then.  Separated by death, but not by memory.

In the meantime – it made him think about the Kingdom of God, a topic they had been studying in his evening small group.  What had Jesus said?  “The Kingdom of God is near.”  Jesus talked about a Way, a journey, a trip with a destination.  The realization of the Kingdom would not come in its fullness until Jesus would come to earth again to reign over a reconciled, perfect world.  But in the meantime…we could participate in the kingdom on earth, not a perfect world, but a world where love could thrive, where justice could prevail, where mercy and compassion could bring together new and old relationships.

He loved to look at the note written in that familiar handwriting.  He loved to consider the day when they would be reunited in death and eternal life.  Someday that would come to fruition, but in the meantime he would live life fully giving glory to God and love to his neighbors.  A little bit of heaven on earth.










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