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"Holy Moments"

By Peggy Byland,
"Out of Mouths... From the Heart"

We were snowshoeing that cold, winter-just–before-spring afternoon.  We left the lodge and headed toward the lower vineyard.  Just before the twisted vines, we stopped at a sign that read, “No Swimming.”   “Ha, ha,” we laughed.

A little farther on as our snowshoes crunched through snow a good two feet deep, we stopped at a gazebo.  A good resting place for out-of-shape snow travelers.  Onward to the middle vineyard a ways up the hill.

The middle vineyard was bordered by white pines creating a post-card perfect panoramic scene.  The hill was much steeper to the high vineyard.  But the cleats on our snowshoes hiked us right along.

At last we arrived at the top of the hill where the cherry orchard is situated on the crown.  Graceful trees planted in straight rows catch the best of the sun’s rays and wait for spring to burst into bloom.

The dull white, drab brown and lack-luster green could have clouded our senses as did the clouds hiding the sun, but it was good to be together.   We talked in earnest tones, we laughed until we bent and held our sides, we sighed and cried and encouraged each other with words of mercy and hope.  And as we made the round-trip back, we blessed the day and the time together.

Isn’t this how God designed friendship?  Wasn’t this His plan when he created man and woman in His own image?  Did God, Adam and Eve share the same sorrow and joy, laughter and tears in their talks together?  I hope so.  God would have been welcome to join us on our Sunday jaunt.  I think He would have enjoyed it.






































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